It’s Going to be the Best Reunion Ever

Posted by on July 27, 2012

Reunions.  They happen all the time. People love to go back in time and relive memories of the past.

High school reunions.  Family reunions.  But I haven’t heard of too many work reunions, so imagine my total surprise to receive this email from a man named Ray.  It said:

“I worked at Rockwell Downey with Walt Ramelow a long time ago.  A group of us that worked with Walt would like to have a reunion gathering at your restaurant La Strada and reminisce about the old days.”

I couldn’t believe it.  That was over 20 years ago.  Here was a group of people that so enjoyed working for my late husband that they wanted to get together and remember that time with him. They suggested a certain Saturday in July, but I asked them if they would be willing to postpone it for 2 weeks.  My son lives out of state now, but he would be in town then for my niece’s wedding. They happily agreed.

I have to say, this is beyond my wildest dreams as a mother wanting something for her children.

For years I was determined to make sure that my children “knew” who their father was.  I told as many stories as I could about him, and let them know how they were both very much like him.  For instance, when my son was in elementary school, he pulled up his socks on each leg to match exactly.  His father did that every morning.  I don’t care about my socks: one could be up and one down and I would not even notice. And Walt ate an orange every night with his dinner.  Personally, I have no interest in fruit, preferring to spend my calories on real sugar (ice cream, cookies, haha)  But my daughter?  She can’t go even one day without eating lots of fruit, and she adores oranges.  Weird.

So can you imagine?  I could not have dreamed up a more perfect way for my children to get a feeling of who their father was and what he was like, than from this group of people who worked with him, and loved him enough to reunite 20 years later.


The next day Ray wrote to me, “You know Lisa, Walt was a very colorful character.  Should we edit or filter the stories we tell about him in front of your children so that we do not offend them or upset them?”

That was so sweet of him.  But I was smiling.  Of course I knew he was a colorful character…one of the many reasons I married him.  He had a fantastic sense of humor.  And my children know this.

I still have a plaque he was given one year; it has a quote of something inappropriate that he said during a meeting – he loved that plaque.

My son Ryan said, “Please Mom. Tell them, no filtering.”

So I let Ray know.


I am so excited.  I cannot explain how much this means to me. Tomorrow night at La Strada.   And yes, I will write about it afterwards.

P.S.  I am going to wear my special locket……and of course, I’ll be bringing the plaque too…..:)